Week after week, Mike S. impresses us with the depth and breadth of his burger knowledge. Burger joints should be painting a mural for him! Check out all The Burger Hunter’s meaty exploits at the #GreatAmericanBurgerHunter tag on Instagram.

It’s the holiday season. With the whoop-de-do and hickory dock, the Burger Hunter is back on the clock! This time it’s a family holiday shopping spree at MOA with a pit stop and a refuel at Burger Burger. Now this spot certainly knows how to capture the whole crew. I mean they got a meat dude in a window out front making burger patties with their daily grind of the famous “sustainable beef” from the Revier Cattle Company in Olivia, MN. So they do local. They do fresh. And now to what they really do well . . . Options. From sauces to toppings to build your owns to chef driven creations there’s something for everyone. Yes, even your vegan cousin can join in. I went with the John Wayne burger. Delivered on a fresh bun from St. Agnes Bakery. Which is nice . . . The meat is clean, seasoned with some unknowns, and packed tight. It’s good beef. All Angus, but really folks it’s got some serious white in the grind. Go look for yourself in the window. This cowboy has lotzzzzz going on. Topped with Wisconsin sharp cheddar, dill pickle slices, bourbon BBQ sauce, Mayo, onion rings, brown sugar bacon, and a ten gallon hat. Ok, not the hat but the burger ends up as big as one. So with all this it’s a bit of a messy ride, but they package you up nicely so you might want to leave it on. All in all it’s just what you are looking for. It’s fun. Try things. Laugh. Play. The ingredients are fresh and they won’t weigh you down. Shop on! And add Burger Burger to your MOA hit list.

Scorecard:   Flavor: 8.0   Presentation: 6   Originality: 10

Burger Burger, 321 South Street Dining, MOA; eatburgerburger.com