A string of burglaries has swept into Minneapolis, leaving a number of small coffee shops with broken doors and stolen cash. In a recent Bryn Mawr Bugle newsletter sent out March 11 by the Bryn Mawr Neighborhood Association, Bob Gillem, owner of Cuppa Java, described the most recent robbery. He said burglars in full ski masks and gloves broke into his store, tied a rope from their truck around his ATM and drove it straight through the demolished front door.

The night before the Cuppa Java burglary, cash registers were stolen from Espresso Royale and the week before that, the office at Eli’s was broken into. Wilde Roast has also had their ATM stolen twice. Although it is unclear whether these burglaries are related, coffee shops seem to be an especially vulnerable target.

Gillem managed to catch two vehicles that may have been involved in the burglary on video. It appears the suspects were driving a red ’90s Chevy pickup and a darker ’90s Chevy Blazer.