When news broke that Nye’s was closing, we went through the same cycle of grief that you probably did—first there was shock, then disbelief, then the realization you hadn’t been there in awhile because the service was bad and the drinks were fine and it was always too packed on the weekends. Anyway, we’re over it. It shocked absolutely no one that a developer wants to replace Nye’s with a 30-story giant modern looking tower full of high end condos or apartments—it is MPLS after all, that’s what developers gleefully do. There was of course some intention to keep the Nye’s facade, which made for a hilariously ugly rendering. We’re just assuming the grotesque tower will go up, but we do love the response from Preserve Minneapolis on the total disregard for the historic preservation guidelines of the St. Anthony Neighborhood. The guidelines include consideration for the architecture of the surround buildings, including Kramarczuk’s and the beautiful Our Lady of Lourdes church, which will, when the building goes up, be right across the street from something like the H&M storefront in Updale Uptown with the old Nye’s entry tacked on. Can’t wait!