We knew people in the TC loved their feline friends, but last night’s Cat Video Festival at the Walker Art Center drew an unreal 10,000 fans to the Open Field. That’s a lot of Lil Bub fans! For comparison’s sake, this year’s home-spun line-up for Rock the Garden quickly sold out of its allotted 11,000 tickets.

This is what it was like a full hour before the videos even started:

When we stopped by to check out the scene even before this pre-entertainment photo, some people already had their lawn chairs parked in spots they were saving right up front and media from all of the country were circulating to cover the crazy cat event. The festival also awarded the people’s choice Golden Kitty trophy to Henri 2, Paw de Deux, which will now be appropriately broadcast during the season finale of Animal Planet’s show My Cat From Hell.

If you missed the kitty craziness, but still want to see the videos, you can check them out on the #catvidfest YouTube list.