MPR: Rescuing North Minneapolis’ blue herons in the tornado’s aftermath. Also: Raptor expert among the tornado victims.

AP: Fact-checking Tim Pawlenty’s campaign kick-off. Grade: F.

Salon: Why do Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann misquote the Constitution?

AV Club: Some weird stuff Bob Dylan has done over the years. (If you’ve ever watched Pawn Stars, you’ll know without watching just how “excited” Rick will be when Chumlee returns with the autographed album cover.) Also: Dylan’s most notable on-stage meltdowns.


Strib: Slow- or No-boating on the Mississippi for the holiday weekend. The Corps of Engineers are closing three lock-and-dams to recreational boating due to high water flow.

PiPress: Oprah-Minnesota connections are remembered. (But it’s not like we’ll never see her on TV again, right?)