CBSLocal: In tough gas economy, Civics are being reborn. “The Civics Reborn program reinvents the concept of the used car. Moore sells just one generation of Honda Civics, what he calls the fifth generation known for safety features — from 1992 to 1995 — then strips them down, and rebuilds with mostly new parts.”

PiPress: Wind turbine project on Dale St. revisited. “Magnotta hopes to make his Capitol Lien and Title building completely energy self-sufficient by placing three 1,500-watt turbines on the roof, each 9.2 feet in diameter and 9.8 feet high.”

Strib: Twister upends housing landscape.  “Local leaders say the tornado will upend the already tumultuous real estate market of north Minneapolis — one where massive government investment seeks to counteract the shock of foreclosures and rampant speculation …”