Strib: Deadly tornado and its aftermath. From Paul Douglas‘ weather blog: “It was the worst metro tornado since 1981, maybe ’65. Half a mile wide, winds may have topped 125 mph.” He says without the 7-minute warning that was given, it could’ve been worse. (Joplin, MO, got nailed by the same system, that dropped 46 tornadoes across the Midwest.)

Red Cross: Provided shelter to 200 people overnight @ NE Mpls. Armory. (If you are concerned about friends and family on the North Side, call the Family Assistance Center at 651-268-8537.) The Salvation Army has also set up mobile kitchens in St. Louis Park, Fridley and the Northside. Minneapolis community bulletin board reactions in the aftermath of the stormy weather, with input from city services and neighborhood groups.

PiPress: Storm photos gallery.

MyFox9: Rupert reports floats rumors of shootin’ and lootin’. (Minneapolis police @ 4 a.m., 5/23 had yet to report any shootin’ or lootin’.)

Update: The MPD emergency response plan for Monday, 5/23 [via Strib]. And the MPD emergency response policy manual.