Timberwolves GM David Kahn recently wrote a letter to fans after his team lost nine games in a row. Here’s a link to the letter from Jerry Zgoda’s Wolves blog on the Strib’s website. Here’s a link to Deadspin making fun of the letter and the Wolves in general.

Kahn and the Wolves organization have taken an open and honest approach with fans this season, stressing that there is no expectation of making the playoffs and not sugarcoating the team’s ineptitude. At first I thought Kahn’s honestly was refreshing. But the more letters he writes and quotes he gives that continue to lower expectations, the more I wonder if he’s already desperate 11 games into his tenure.

Bottom line: No matter what Kahn says or writes, it’s difficult to appear competent when your team will be lucky to win more than 18 games. Perhaps we should just embrace his candor. Compare Kahn to Gophers football coach Tim Brewster. Would you rather have Brewster’s never-ending sales pitch or Kahn’s frankness about how his team sucks but they’re working to fix it?