Last week, a plane was flown into an IRS office but the MSM has been hesitant to describe the incident as an “act of terrorism.” Today, the Strib published a story about a Minneapolis animal rights activist, Carrie Feldman, who’s been held in an Iowa jail for 3 months for refusing to testify before a grand jury about her involvement in a 2004 research lab break-in at the University of Iowa. Feldman is the alleged co-conspirator of Scott Demuth who has been charged by Federal authorities with “animal enterprise terrorism.”

I’m not posting this to debate the protesters’ rationale; I’m more curious to know why one incident (that resulted in no loss of human life) is being labeled “terrorism” while the other (which did result in one death and the destruction of an office building) is not? Are there subtle shades of politics at play? Is there some covert (or, perhaps, unconscious) rationale being used so as to prevent public panic? Are we practicing a double-standard? Are we ignoring reality?