Twenty-seven-year-old Igor Vovkovinskiy, of Rochester, has been proclaimed the Tallest Living Man in America by Guinness World Records adjudicator Danny Girton Jr. He stands 7 feet, 8.33 inches tall. Of course, he’s an import; and well, he might have had a little help.

The Ukraine native moved to Minnesota when he was 7 with his mother, Svetlana, for treatment at the Mayo Clinic for a pituitary disease that spurred his rapid growth. He also has diabetes.

But this Guinness World Record isn’t his first claim to height fame.

In September, Vovkovinskiy had another high honor when he met the president of the United States in Minneapolis. Five minutes into his speech at Target Center, President Obama said, “The biggest Obama fan in the country is in the house,” then gestured toward Vovkovinskiy, who stood nearby wearing a jersey proclaiming himself the “World’s Biggest Obama Supporter.”