MinnPost: Women now outnumber men in the work force in Minnesota and nationally, due, primarily, to heavier job losses this recession in male-dominated industries (e.g. technology). Have the gains in numbers also resulted in a shift of power?

TCDailyPlanet: Is chemistry going green? (Fun fact: “Many professional chemists don’t know what makes a chemical toxic. That’s because universities do not require chemistry majors to demonstrate knowledge of toxicity and environmental impact in order to graduate.”)

Advocate Tribune: Granite Falls looks back on its Top 10 biggest stories of 2010.

Polaroid: Polaroid’s creative director, Lady Gaga, unveiled some new specs over the weekend at the CES in Las Vegas. (Ga-goggles, anyone?) However, I would not want to see someone wearing a pair while driving even if they do a good job shading your eyes from the sun.

South 12th: Andy puts together a Googleview slideshow of places where he’s worked. Imagine the fun he’d have had wearing ga-goggles!

Brainerd Dispatch: Bill, from Aitkin, says most of us are conservative.