“Seventeen-year-old James Teto Grant was found July 18 in Bassett Creek in Theodore Wirth Park by two men who were kayaking with their children,” says the WCCO report.

On July 10, Emmanuel Garmodhen Myles, 16, and two other teenagers took Grant to a wooded area of Theodore Wirth Park for a gang initiation with the Bloods. While there, Myles and the other two boys beat Grant in retaliation for a previous fight he had with one of Myles’ relatives. They hit him over the head with a shovel, killing him, then fled the scene.

According to the court documents, an adult then took them to Home Depot to buy shovels to bury Grant’s body. But, wait! Didn’t they use a shovel to kill the boy? Why would they need more shovels? You’d think one would have sufficed in the moment.

Upon returning to where they left Grant’s body, the three dug a shallow grave, but then changed their minds and decided instead to use a stolen car battery and cable to submerge Grant’s body in the nearby creek.

Myles has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. And while the other two teens have yet to be charged, they will likely be so later this week, along with the adult accused of driving the boys to Home Depot.