This just in via email:

The Daily Beast just posted a list of cities that celebrate their moms year round. Factors that went into these lists include the number of mothers per capita, quality of education, child care resources, maternity health specialists, and Mother’s Day pampering. Ranking lowly on most of these factors, St. Paul came in dead last. At least you can console yourselves (and moms) at The St. Paul Grill!

#200, St. Paul, MN
Moms-per-capita: 161 out of 200
Child care: 181 out of 200
Schools: 4 out of 10
Maternity care: 200 out of 200
Pampering: 123 out of 200

Best Mother’s Day Brunch: The St. Paul Grill

Take a look:

I’d say this is a pretty great marketing ploy. YEEAAHHH.