In other sporting news … Ok. Just who the heck was Biff Adams, and why was an ice arena named for him? (I’m guessing he didn’t have to buy naming rights. And, no, I don’t think he’s this Biff Adams. Or him.) Really, who was Biff Adams?


The Biff is on the northern edge of Frogtown. Shuttered by the county earlier this year (it’s use as a high school sporting arena had seen increasingly diminished use as city schools’ participation dropped and newer facilities were built in the suburbs), it is now being used by the St. Paul Curling Club as an auxiliary facility; enabling the club to add as many as 300 new members and making it, by far, the nation’s largest curling club. If you’ve ever wanted to go to the Olympics and can’t ski, or skate, and luging downhill on your fanny doesn’t grab your fancy, here’s your chance!


Here’re some curling humor:


“In curling, you’re expected to yell, ‘hurry, hurry, hard all the way!'”


“Is curling a Biblical sport? ‘Yes,’ replied Jesus: ‘Let he who is without spin cast the first stone.'”