“Look, you ignorant bitch‚Äîwe don’t want you in St. Paul in the first place. http://bit.ly/dbkOgv,” tweeted @completelydark yesterday.

A little harsh perhaps, but still a valid response to Liza Schwab’s column on boycotting St. Paul.

She’s upset about Chris Coleman’s call to boycott Arizona, of course.

Listen, I am NOT anti-immigration, hardly!  For goodness sake, my daughter goes to a Spanish Immersion school that is 50/50 Native English/Native Spanish speaking students!  I live in Richfield where many of my neighbors from Spanish speaking countries!  I am NOT against immigration!  My own family immigrated here from Germany and Sweden and we came here for the same reason people are coming here now, to start a better life in a country that is free!

Really, and you’re still this… (insert adjective here)?

Yeah, so much for the age old argument. (I’m not racist, I sit next to black people on the bus. I am not homophobic, my best friend in college turned out to be a lesbian. I’m not a xenophobe, I always ask for Asian prostitutes. I am not anti-Semitic, I’m circumcised.)

However, this is where some of my issues start…we came over on boats and when my family members got here, there were no interpreters, there were no signs in 7 different languages, they didn’t know English and they learned it quickly, just to survive!¬† We were forced to change our last name to be more ‘American’.¬† My family then went on to become American citizens legally and we have been American’s ever since.¬† We don’t call our selves German or Swedish, we speak English and have for multiple generations now.¬†¬† Yes unfortunately through out the years we have lost much of our heritage and our native languages however, we aren’t upset or think we were oppressed by it all.¬† We are grateful for the opportunities we have been given here.¬† And for those of you who think it was different because we were ‘white’, I¬†also had relatives come over from Ireland in the 1800’s and they were some of the more hated immigrant groups at that time.¬† Our family lived on to tell about it.

Uh… OK then. I leave this to you, MNSpeakers.