According to the Strib, sex sells, and all the arrests and police sting operations just don’t seem to be dissuading the “Johns” from their sex-for-sale endeavors.

Brad Sperling, 45, a veteran assistant coach with the White Bear Lake High School girls’ hockey team, became the latest to learn that anonymity can fade quickly when one is snared in a sting operation. He was nabbed Jan. 12.

Before him, there were the arrests of a south suburban pastor and of state and north suburban political figures. A Star Tribune review of six stings conducted since Jan. 14, 2009, reveals a total of 66 men arrested during the hotel sweeps. Only three were St. Paul residents.

This week former Prior Lake minister John Kameron Erbele, 36, pleaded guilty to charges of soliciting a prostitute. He will, however, serve no jail time in the misdemeanor conviction ‚Äî simply probation, counseling, 24 hours of community service and “john school,” an educational program for men who solicit prostitutes.

What I really want to know, though, is…

is this really him? Oh, my!

And in Bloomington, police cracked down on prostitution at a therapeutic massage business. “According to a search warrant, an undercover cop was offered a sex act from the woman massaging him here last November.”

Happy endings!