Secrets of the City is proud to present the first Minneapolis-wide game of Conquest!

As a part of our Third Thursday partnership with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Secrets of the City is hosting a city-wide game that starts on Monday and ends at the MIA’s Third Thursday event on December 16th.

We’ve dropped off “Secrets of the City Conquest Cards” at businesses in several parts of Minneapolis, and we’ll start announcing the locations on twitter starting on Monday, the 13th. The objective of the game is to collect the Conquest Cards from multiple locations throughout the city and present them to us at the MIA at Third Thursday by 7:30pm.

Whoever presents the most Conquest Cards cards to us at the MIA wins a prize pack that includes framed art from local artists including Adam Turman, Studio on Fire, Allen Brewer and more, as well as a hipster dinosaur t-shirt from Kara Hendershots and $100 worth of gift cards to local restaurants. (If a tie occurs, we’ll do a random drawing of the participants with the most cards.)

The game of Conquest is only one part of the MIA’s Third Thursday many game-themed activities from 6pm to 9pm on December 16th, which include…

* WHO DUNNIT? Assemble the usual suspects for a live-action game of Clue in which the museum is the game board.

* TRY OUT old and new board games including Masterpiece, Modern Art, and Morphology.

* TAKE IN the movie classic “Clue.” (Film starts at 6:30 p.m.)

* THROW DOWN the gauntlet in a lightning round of Trivial Pursuit in the Otis elevator.

* SIDLE UP to the cash bar.

* ROCK OUT to local band Phantom Tails.

You can RSVP to the MIA’s Third Thursday on Facebook.

Local illustrator Lisa Troutman of Drawn Well has designed the Conquest cards for us; each card will feature the name of the community and the placement on the map on the card.  Here’s a look at the back of the cards:

Good luck!