“There’s not a whole lot of etiquette involved in one-night-stands,” writes Vita.mn sex columnist Alexis McKinnis. “It is, after all, a couple of fairly intoxicated people making a less-than-stellar decision that they choose to never make again.” So, what, then, are the rules? “The guest always makes the bed of the host before leaving.” Fair enough. Don’t use my tooth brush. No brunch invite. Ok. Ok. Leave before dawn and don’t asked to be choked during intercourse. What if you like being choked during intercourse? I mean, should that be strictly reserved for deep and meaningful relationships?

Are there really any rules here? I say never take them to your home, and split as soon as they shut their eyes (or as soon as you can see relatively straight). But of course, you could be missing out on some pretty great morning sex. Isn’t the whole point that you’re diving into the unknown? Could be great. Could be purely psychotic. Probably both. And either way you’re probably going to feel like absolute hell in the morning. But don’t worry; it’s just the hangover.