Did someone call Billy Preston? Yes?

Roundabouts don’t number many in our fair state but do exist.

Today’s Road Guy column in the Strib looks at the increasing use of roundabouts (aka “circles” or “circuses”) as a method of traffic control:

Roundabouts reduce the number of injury crashes, but fender-benders can remain stubbornly high.

[Richfield] has tried various kinds of outreach, on the Internet and with printed materials, as well as signs to get drivers to choose the correct lane at two-lane roundabouts. The inside lane is for going straight or left; the outside lane is for going straight or right. Troubles can arise, Hale says, when left-turners use the outside lane and cross paths with other drivers.

Changing lanes in the roundabout is also not good. When drivers complain that there isn’t enough room to do so, [roundabout designer Jupe] Hale’s response is: “I know.”

I know of at least two roundabouts in St. Paul. One is on Frost Ave., just east of Lake Phalen. IIRC Woodbury has a couple of them, too, near Tamarack Village.

Do you know of any roundabouts in your area? What has been your experience using one?