Yes, yes, MNSpeak was better when Rex was here, so thanks to Karl Pearson-Cater’s “Mugshot Monday” on MinnPost, here he is:

Mugshot Monday: What is your favorite color?
Rex Sorgatz:
Ostentatious Black.

MM: What is your favorite sport?

MM: What is your all time favorite logo design?
I’m really into the upside-down Standard Hotel logo right now.

MM: Can you drive a motorcycle?
Can I? No. Will I? Yes!

Yes, yes, really deep stuff.

Wondering what Rex is up to these days? See “An Interview with Rex Sorgatz aka Fimoculous,” by Ryan Sholin, in which Rex says:

I despise digital/creative agencies! They’re slow, ineffectual little monsters. And they bill you like lawyers.

But I like to create companies around the fringes of what I hate. So I came up with this twist on the idea: a very horizontal organization that consists of a loose collection of talented but disparate people (designers, developers, marketers, content specialists, product managers) to crowd-source projects. We borrow a trope from cloud computing: finding the resources for the task at hand. Some projects are huge and involve hiring dozens of people, whereas others are just me helping someone figure out a solution to a problem.

Yes, yes, he never ceases to amaze. …or something.

Go, Rex!