Great news for teens; but parents might not like the first part.

According to City Pages, A new study co-authored by University of Minnesota sociobiology professor Eric Grodsky has found that sex with a steady girlfriend or boyfriend will not have adverse effects on a teenager’s grades. However, sex with no emotional attachment “runs hand in hand with lower grades, lousy behavior, expulsion from school or dropping out.”

“Compared to abstinence, sexual intercourse in committed romantic relationships is often academically harmless, whereas in other types of relationships it is more detrimental,” said Grodsky and professor Bill McCarthy at the University of California, Davis, in their new findings. “Females and males who have sex only with romantic partners are generally similar to abstainers on most of the education measures we examined.”

Funny that the PiPress chose to focus on the negative side of this with their report:
Study: Teens who ‘hook up’ have lower grades