Today’s Strib article, “The times alter the campus hue,” about the growing diversity of Minnesota colleges, or at least Gustavus Adolphus College and Augsburg College, raises some questions.

1. Is it OK to refer to diversity as “hue” (in or out of a headline)?

2. Who are “students of color”?

3. If LGBT students are “students of color” is “hue” still relevant?

4. Do all Latina students have children?

5. Are there enough Latina students with children to to justify the photo as representative of the diversity?

6. Would a white student with a child increase a school’s diversity?

7. Did the writer talk to more than one faculty member and two students?

8. Is an increase of 11 “black guys” in 4 years a lot?

9. Did this come straight from a Minnesota Private College Council or Admission Possible press release?

10. What is the point of the article?