According to the PiPress, the city might close down the historic Wilebski’s Blues Saloon in an effort to close down the more controversial bar downstairs, Moonlight Magic, with which it shares its liquor license.

An upcoming public hearing at city hall will center on whether Moonlight Magic — a Frogtown bar where a man was beaten to death a year ago and that now faces fallout from additional infractions — will be shut down for good.

But a new upstairs tenant has put a twist in the otherwise straightforward proceeding. On New Year’s Eve, Wilebski’s Blues Saloon reopened for the first time in nearly 20 years, and its crowd of forty- and fiftysomething patrons wants to save the venue where it watched Etta James and John Lee Hooker belt their hearts out.

“We have one (bar) that started out bad and is trying to do better now, either by desire or self-preservation. And one upstairs that has never been a problem but is unfortunately on the same license,” said city council member Melvin Carter III.

Carter just wants the bad behavior at the corner to stop. “That’s my priority,” he said.

He hopes the public hearing Aug. 4 will help him and the rest of the city council decide whether to abide by an administrative court judge’s recommendation and allow the building at 601 Western Ave. N. to keep its license ‚Äî or do what some area residents are urging and pull it.