This isn’t a me thing. It’s all about you. And while I will, regardless, do the job of scouring the World Wide Web for interesting stories, we really need more voices here, not just in comments, but in posts. For most of you, your comments are just secondary reactions, once you’ve seen the post. But I want to feel you at the source. I want to see you fill this page with what you find interesting, local, relevant ‚Äî not just on open threads. Open. You see it. Something stirs. You share. We discuss. Open.

Hell, most of you are already doing the work. Time to share.

Emily Says So offered a great roundup last Thursday (and I’m not just saying that because she mentioned MNSpeak).

Is That All You’ve Got? has been offering great health care roundups (which I’m trying to lure here).

Lazy Lightning, now a regular stop, today offers a look at City Council wages — good MNSpeak fodder for conversation.

And Killing Batteries is offering all kinds of advice on how to deal with detainment and bribery (or even arrest) while traveling.

I’m thinking any one of these could have made a great MNSpeak post… kind of.