Last December a mother was thrown out of a Target store for breastfeeding her child. This week, employees of Maplewood’s Old Country Buffet tried to do the same to a St. Paul mom caring for her child. Only she wouldn’t go. Bethany Morton knows the rules.

“They can ask me, but I don’t have to comply,” she said.

She did eventually leave of course. And was even confronted by cops in the parking lot. Cops? Since when does breastfeeding require cops? Is it not up to the business establishment to know the laws? And shouldn’t cops know them as well?

It’s up to a mother to decide when and how to feed her child in public.

“Anywhere a woman is legally allowed to be, she can breastfeed her child,” [La Leche League Coordinator Jeanne] Badman said. “You want to be comfortable and have some care for the people around you, but a baby needs to be fed.”

State statute 145.905 says, “A mother may breast-feed in any location, public or private, where the mother and child are otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast-feeding.”

Tada! Now leave these moms alone!