Seems like this weekend sparked craziness from people and animals alike.

Jerome Eberle, 39, of Chicago, lost his shit in a Winona, MN, target store and started smashing TVs with a hammer on Saturday afternoon. Two officers were injured in the arrest, which included pepper spray and a taser. (via Aaron’s Hotlinks, re WCCO story).

Meanwhile, in Lino Lakes, MN, the Minnesota State Patrol was busy chasing down two¬†cows on Interstate 35W near Sunset Road. It’s not often Kare 11 gets “punny,”, but the report states that the police “were able to¬†’steer’ the cows¬†off the road and through¬†a fence where they ran away.” Cute, right? Even funnier is the fact that the cows got away.

An 18-year-old Princeton Man wasn’t quite so lucky. His 120-mph chase ended in a crash after police used “stop sticks” to deflate his tires. Moral of the story: once your tires are out don’t increase speed from 62 to 120. Not a good idea ‚Äî unless, of course you’re trying to kill yourself, which apparently, he was. The man was busy making phone calls all the while. Dangerous!

TVs weren’t the only victims over the long weekend: 500 Backus-area pines got it bad, too. It seems someone decided it was a good idea to drive six-inch nails into hundreds of red pine trees near Backus. If they were trying to save the trees from logging, the plan failed; the entire forest will now be cut down for safety reasons. Just imagine if a saw hit one of those nails; some kind of prank when people lose limbs!