… Cocked a shiny eye and said: “Where was you on Christmas, Eve?”


Strib: St. Paul rocker is rocked by recordings lost in break-in. The burglary leaves Alarmists’ frontman Eric Lovold without thousands of dollars’ worth of gear, but stolen songs are sadder yet.

The Deets: Ed Kohler’s Deets top-ten. Analytical local fare mixed in with some shrugging of shoulders and shaking of head.

HouseOfProcrastination: So what if he’s Canadian, eh? Brandi reads Bieber: “Too bad Justin Bieber isn’t a prank prodigy. Or even moderately good at pranks … Here Bieber tricks Jenny, his tutor, into putting her hand over butter. Oh, Jenny, you got schooled by the Biebs.”

HeavyTable: I grew up associating Tom and Jerrys with New Years’ Day, not Christmastime. So, because there’s still time left for egg-nogging, here’s “the best” eggnog recipe according to HT. Do you do anything particularly different with your preparation? Does the quality of the booze used matter? I had my first atole this year, and wish to thank any Mesoamerican ancesters out there for discovering chocolate.

PiPress: Ok, so how much of a hassle are the snow emergencies creating for your out-of-town visitors? (And, thank you, Mr. Stupid Snowplow Driver who pulled down two power poles on Christmas Eve in IGH. No power for almost 12 hours = no baking = no Internet = lots of Yahtzee in front of the fireplace.) Any Christmas Day war stories you care to share? There are always a couple (like, this rather odd one lived by Dick Cavett, who is also not a Minnesotan AND he writes for the buttinski NYT).

CityPages: Minneapolis perps make late-year bid for induction into TruTV’s “actuality” hall of fame.

Strib: Speaking of crime … After a rough start in January, the Minneapolis violent crime rate in 2010 will wind up the year at levels not seen since the ’80s or ’60s. That means IT’S SAFE TO COME DOWNTOWN NOW!

Salon: And we remember those who left us in 2010, including Peter Graves and the notsofamous.