According to WCCO’s Pat Kessler, Michele Bachmann’s latest TV campaign ad ‚Äî with the State Fair as the backdrop ‚Äî distorts the truth. What a surprise. (This is politics, after all.)

“While you’re at the fair, you should know Tarryl Clark here wanted to raise taxes on your corn dog. And your deep fried bacon. And your beer,” the ad says.


Bachmann says correctly that Clark voted in favor of putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot to raise the sales tax for arts and the environment.

Minnesotans approved it.

But voting to put it on the ballot isn’t the same as voting for a sales tax hike, so that’s not accurate.

The ad continues:

“So if you see Tarryl Clark while you’re at the fair, just ask her — ‘What’s up with wanting to tax my beer?'”

This is TRUE.

Clark voted to raise alcohol excise taxes, which the liquor industry said would raise the price of a drink by a couple of pennies, including beer.

And there’s one more thing that’s got fair officials as irritated as an alligator — before he goes on a stick.

Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW.

State Fair officials objected to Bachmann using the State Fair logo.

But she did it anyway, and they want it removed. The State Fair simply doesn’t endorse any political candidates. Especially Bachmann?