(via MN Independent)

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on The Ben Shapiro Show in a prerecorded segment on Thursday to talk about flotillas, the BP oil disaster and Iran. But most importantly she opined on her belief that President Obama is the worst president in history and dodged a question about whether she’ll run for president in 2012.

Shapiro asked, “Michele would you ever consider running for president?”

Bachmann deflected the question, instead invoking Israel in referring to her reelection fight this year.

You know it’s not what I’m doing right now. I’m one of speaker Pelosi’s top targets this fall, so all I’m focused on this fall for 2010 is making sure that I win. Speaker Pelosi is very clear that she wants to take me out of the election this fall. This will be a very expensive race. Very hard fought. It’s already hard fought. I come from a very difficult territory. I’m from Al Franken territory… I come from a very tough neighborhood, Israel knows all about tough neighborhoods.

That Pelosi is personally targeting Bachmann is a claim the Star Tribune called “grossly misleading” back in January.

Earlier in the broadcast, Shapiro and Bachmann discussed Obama’s presidency.

“Is President Obama better or worse than Jimmy Carter?” Shapiro asked.

“Worse. Easily worse,” responded Bachmann.