“A 4-year-old girl from Cambridge is lucky to be alive after she fell out of the door of a moving SUV while sitting on her sister’s lap and had her hair caught under one of the tires,” reads the Strib article. Good Lord!

Tracey Halverson, 29, was driving her GMC Yukon on Main Street, heading from a Laundromat to a market.

At some point while the SUV was moving — and while 4-year-old daughter Jade was sitting behind the driver on 11-year-old sister Destinee’s lap — the younger child opened the left rear door.

As Jade began to fall, Destinee grabbed her by the leg for a moment before Jade was pulled out when her hair went under the left rear tire.

Halverson came to a stop, and law enforcement came to the scene. Jade was taken to a hospital with injuries that are described as serious but non-life threatening.

Wow. Sounds like a pretty lucky girl if you ask me. Now… what was she doing sitting on her sister’s lap rather than a car seat?