Hello all,

My name is Rigo. I’m a 23 year old male from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Originally from Los Angeles, I’ve lived in Arkansas for 16 years and am ready to do a big change of scenery in my life.

My town has about 70,000 people, has a mediocre nightlife, some jobs, and an alright college town(University of Arkansas) and is a perfect town for anyone looking to retire or start a family-not me!.

I’ve been to the Twin Cities to visit a few times and really enjoyed the change of scenery and quality of life¬†but never considered a move there til now!

I currently work at Walgreens in my town and am looking to transfer to a store in the Cities.

I’m also looking to get myself back into school and do some big career moves in my life that I wouldn’t be able to do where I live now.

I’ll be living with my Grandmother until I find an apartment/someone to room with.

I have my own car.

I’m well aware of all the supposed stereotypes of Minnesota: “Tall Blonde people”, “Brutal Winters” and “Minnesota’s natives are dickheaded”….

But the people there can’t be as backwards and self-righteous as they are here!

My questions to anyone reading is:

can you recommend me some good Walgreens stores in the Minneapolis area that lie in safe neighborhoods, and maybe are in proximity of cool bars, lakes, restaurants?

For a single male in his 20s, which town is better suited? Minneapolis or St. Paul?- I ask this because once I move out of my Grandmother’s I need to find the city that suits me best and from what I’ve been researching, Minneapolis might be it, but please throw me some input!….neighborhoods too! I’ve been looking at Craigslist and there’s a bunch of old Mansions for rent in the cities

and ultimately, What kind of advice could you give to someone like me about how to maximize my time and effort getting acquainted with living in the Twin Cities?