Leading into this weekend’s annual Zombie Pub Crawl takeover of downtown MPLS, the severely damaged brains behind the big event have teamed up with the similarly undead aficionados atTrash Film Debauchery and the Trylon that gets back to ZPC’s roots with big blood splatters and big beer drinking (maybe even some barfing, rule of threes) in smaller venues with the first ever week-long Zombie Film Crawl. It all kicks off tonight at Bauhaus with a one-two punch of Dead Alive—a true genre classic thanks to all the bodily fluids flung around and one special lawnmower—and iconic Wild Zero starring rockers Guitar Wolf and featuring a drinking game! It’s going to be amazing. We’ll mention the other screening throughout this week because they are very good. 7 PM. $10.Curt Stanski

Bauhaus Brew Labs, 1315 Tyler St NE, MPLS; bauhausbrewlabs.com