Bird Town (as we know it) aka Robbinsdale (as you maybe know it) has a proud history of wrasslin’, so we shouldn’t be so surprised to see the high flyin’ brawlers and knuckle sandwich makers and #1 heel Darin Corbin featured as a part of the Travail official Whiz Bang Days block party. But we were! But even more so thrilled. Along with the delicious eats from Travail in their new spot, and the music and the beer trailer, you can also check out the sleepy city’s water tower and other attractions—just make sure that the Ro-Po (as we know the Robbinsdale Police) don’t get you before you head back. Friday, July 13th, 6 PM. $7 advance, $10 door.Taylor Carik

Robbinsdale Water Tower, Hubbard Marketplace, 4145 Hubbard Ave N, Robbinsdale