Man cannot live on improv alone—he needs a community of funny people to do improv with. The annual Twin Cities Improv Fest is out to keep that community alive and well, now for the seventh year in a row. Founded (and still manned) by the longest-running improv team in town, Five Man Job, the festival hand selects high-quality local and visiting talent and matches them together to expand the audience’s conception of what improv can be. Five days of workshops and performances kick off tonight with an all-local show, in which every style of improv is featured.

Mount Rushmore’s foursome improvises as the Presidents of the monument, chatting as we’re all pretty sure they do when the lights go out, followed by the unconventional pairing of improv giants in Michael Keaton, and Shadow Bunny, an improv performance closer to the experience you may be expecting. For Better or For Worse tackles improv realism, a style that aims to be funny but also quite truthful in its portrayal of two married couples, and Five Man Job closes out the night. It’s all for a very reasonable $10, so get on down and find out for yourself what talent has been lurking behind comedy club walls. 8 p.m. $10. –EK

Huge Improv Theater, 3037 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-412-4843,