The truly incredible Goethe in the Skyways project—a year-long program of “artistic actions, interventions, and manifestations in public, semi-public, and private space”—that has been steadfastly bringing creative projects to downtown Minneapolis mostly under the radar (we’ve been admittedly remiss in mentioning them enough) is wrapping up their stint with a dramatic flourish. Why cross the hard line of non-existence when everything around us continues hungering in some way? Why not close without closing, and instead signal a change in form while maintaining all the same drives and urges? Yes, zombies. Roseline Rannoch with Felix Profos and Philipp Rupp present GitS swang song, aptly a motion towards zombies, with symbolic timing since this weekend is the ever-changing shit show of Zombie Pub Crawl. Even better, this last run also includes a nod to the project’s capitalist surroundings with a pop up shop featuring bags designed by fashion and graphic design students of the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Department of Design). And also a happy hour. Congrats to all involved on such a wonderful run. Tuesday, October 6th, 4:30-7 PM. —Taylor Carik

City Center (next to Cardigan Donuts), 40 South 7th Street, Suite 208, Minneapolis