Free is a four letter word. It’s also a beautiful word that’s hardly heard enough and used best in front of the words “food,” “booze,” and “music.” Tonight, The Level Heads gives you one of those three, which is better than nothing. Apparently this MC/producer duo feels particularly thankful for its loyal listeners—although you don’t have to be one to get in on the generosity. In honor of The Level Heads’ supporters, you can get in the doors of Cause Spirits and Soundbar free of charge tonight for a show by the band, made up of Lokes (producer) and Lipset (MC). The mixture of Midwest hip-hop and West Coast reggae and R&B makes this musical partnership quite worth enduring, especially since the most you’re putting on the line is an hour or two of your night. Plus, there’s a chance for free prizes. (There’s that word free again. It really just cannot be used enough.) 9 p.m. Free. —AA

Cause Spirits and Soundbar, 3001 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls., 612-822-6000,