If you want to talk about tickets that are selling like hotcakes, look no further than The Defenders at Trylon. Tonight Star Tribune columnist/movie critic/Godzilla interviewer Rob Nelson is defending a film of his choosing that hasn’t even been revealed yet, and that’s all the more reason to get tickets right now before it sells out. Who knows what you’ll be missing?! The secret identity to the film being shown is buried deep in some vault, and only those with tickets will be allowed to find out its true identity and discuss the film. Here’s what we do know: The picture has been shown at festivals around the world, and it’s not slated for U.S. distribution until June so you’ll literally be one of the first to see it (it also hasn’t been rated yet, but includes “proactive themes and disturbing images” so the always fun “viewer discretion advised” moniker applies). It just makes us look forward even more to the day we get to host The Defenders ourselves. 7 p.m. $8 —Eric D. Johnson

Trylon Microcinema, 3258 Minnehaha Ave., Mpls., 612-424-5468, take-up.org