Minneapolis and St. Paul music scene chroniclers of UnderCurrentMPLS are nothing if not consistent. The crew have spent the last 8 years capturing local shows on video, barely missing any of the sweat and sounds, and they do so with a never-ending supply of cheekiness. (UnderCurrentMPLS also gives away tickets to many of the small stage shows, so follow their social media to get in on the live drawings!) That’s why their anniversary celebration features 15 different regulars of the small stages like daredevils Speedweed, extra-noisey EX NUNS, digital retro hero c.Kostra, underground phenoms The Smokes, and many others for UnderCurrentMPLS’s “fartaversary”. Sunday, July 14th, 1 PM. $5-$20 pay what you can. —Hank Stacks

James Ballentine “Uptown” VFW, 2916 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis