Many a local beer lover has wondered what heights our hometown brewers could reach if only they teamed up on their craft. The Red Stag and their In Cahoots! block party again puts forth the frothy answers and lets beer fans be the judge. Teams like Fulton Beer & Surly Brewing Company, Able Seedhouse & Brewery & Drekker Brewing Company, Fair State Brewing Cooperative & Portage Brewing Company, and more, collaborate on new beers that then go head to head on your palate while this year’s block party staples like Black Widows, Nooky Jones, Kiss the Tiger, The Bad Man, and others provide the live soundtrack. Attendees are the real winners, but so is the charity choice of the winning brewers. Sunday, August 4th, 2-8 PM. Free.Art Humes

Red Stag Supperclub, 509 1st Ave. NE, Minneapolis