Gourmet chef turned acclaimed MC, Action Bronson carries the (blow)torch for everything to love about old school hip-hop. There’s his constant references to his food life and obscure figures, his revival of the classic East Coast style flow, there’s the cover to Rare Chandeliers, and there’s his commitment to funky samples for his beats. All that’s in addition to his over-sized personality that makes his VICE shows like the hilarious Action in the Kitchen and follow-up F*ck, That’s Delicious so fun to watch. And with that combo, expect his White Bronco tour show in the Mainroom to have everyone from young bucks to hipster dads to our own Twincy rappers in attendance. Sunday, February 24th, 7:30 PM. $35.Paul Cajun

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS; first-avenue.com