There has long been a steady friendship between music and film. The advent of the music video era cemented this connection and created an entirely new creative venture in which film was used to expand music’s themes. Filming concerts allowed music fans the opportunity to watch every nuance of live music again and again. Minneapolis’ Sound Unseen staff members established themselves as purveyors of music, art, and film with a yearly festival dedicated to creative expression. The 13th festival is no exception; screenings and live music combine and it’s all supported by local radio and media outlets.

What to expect at a Sound Unseen festival? The five-day festival (October 10-14) includes music documentaries, short and animated films, music videos, rare concert footage, gallery exhibitions and live shows. What initially was an underground film festival, Sound Unseen has grown to include art and new media in addition to film and music. This year’s highlights include a “Charles Bradley: Soul of America” feature, a film about music magazine The Source, and a TV on the Radio short film. Did we mention there will also be a new live music headquarters at Harriet Brewing Co.? Reserve your tickets online; they’re going quickly! W-Su 9 p.m. (Hurry! Tonight’s 7 p.m. show at the Trylon is already sold out) $10-$12. —RO

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