For every awesome painting, photograph, sculpture, or T-shirt design, there’s some sort of person, place, or thing that inspired it. Tonight there will be a celebration of one of the greatest Minneapolis art muses—our music scene. The Future Presence Gallery will be holding an epic opening reception that lasts through Friday, featuring the newest exhibit—music scene art such as concert photography, T-shirt and album design, music videos, and poster art. Not to mention the live music in the gallery’s EON Soundspace. Join the party and celebrate all the awesome artists that make the already-fantastic music scene even better. Plus, everyone who attends gets a free copy of Last Triumph’s Crew Mix, featuring music by St. Paul Slim, PROF, Crunchy Kids, Sean Anonymous, DJ Snuggles, and many more. 6 p.m. Free. —AA

The Future Presence Gallery, 1126 NE 2nd St., Mpls., 612-978-5530,