Maybe one of the best pick-me-up, escape-the-routine picks on the docket, Mortimer’s hosts a performance by dancer and instructor Sachiko “La Chayí” Nishiuchi and Flamenco guitarist Ross Fellrath. If you’ve never seen Flamenco live, the art delivers an intoxicating narrative told through fierce gazes, sashays and rhythm, and it’s most captivating in person. Fellrath and Nishiuchi are both hometown regulars and longtime collaborators, but Mortimer’s offers an usually intimate staging: There’s not likely to be one bad place to stand in the house for this one. They’re joined by Kim “K Kara” Rico, a guitarist for MPLS’s Anda Flamenco school. Order a vermouth and settle in. Saturday, May 25, 6-8 PM. $10. —Isabelle Wattenberg

Mortimer’s, 2001 Lyndale Ave S, MPLS;