Now that we don’t have The Heavy Table to kick around anymore, food-filled thoroughfares will just have to start doing their own tours—which is what Lake Street is actually doing this weekend with their dumplings. Head to the Midtown Farmer’s Market in the morning to check in and then spend all Saturday afternoon eating a multitude of variants of the dumpling, from momos to sambusas to empanadas to gyozas and dumplings and more. If you were cool you’d get a posse and hit all 15 stops. PS. This was sold out (at 750 tickets!) but they recently opened up some spots, just FYI. Saturday, June 2nd, 8 AM-1 PM check in, 11 AM-5 PM, dumplings. $5 ticket, $1-2 for extra dumplings.Art Humes

Midtown Farmers Market, 2225 East Lake Street, MPLS;