How do you get to be our favorite bar? Simple. Don’t be too fancy. Have great service. Bring in really good beers available in pitchers. Have real pull tabs. Serve up a short menu of fantastic food. Oh, and host hilarious events. For example, along with the the food and drinks and decor, Bull’s Horn in South MPLS hosts a “fishing tourney” where registration gets you an entrance to the tournament for the afternoon (with a measuring device you take with you to your favorite lake), plus a fish fry dinner and beer from Fulton Brewing. Tourney prizes provided by Bull’s Horn, Fulton Brewing, & Coastal Seafoods, but you’ll be a winner at the bar even if you don’t catch anything. Saturday, July 13th, 10 AM tourney, 5 PM dinners. $25 entry.Taylor Carik

Bull’s Horn, 4563 S 34th Ave, Minneapolis