She was highly notable women of early American R&B scene in the late ’40s, made successful music through the ’60s, even has a recording in the National Recording Registry, but Sister Rosetta Tharpe isn’t a household musical name, despite having influenced those rock ‘n’ roll pioneers who did become legends—Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and more. In addition to the men who got all the credit, Tharpe also directly influenced gospel singer Marie Knight, who became Tharpe’s protege and went on to have an impressive and somewhat forgotten R&B career herself. George Brant’s play Marie and Rosetta, read tonight at The Playwright’s Center, captures that first meeting between Tharpe and Knight, including some of the incredible music that made the women famous. 7 PM. Free (ticket reservations accepted). —Tracy Oxford

The Playwright’s Center, 2301 E Franklin Ave, MPLS;