There’s a bonkers amount happening at the Solar Arts, but we’ll draw your attention to one key event: the opening of the People’s Museum for Prince, which features crowdsourced artwork of all dimensions inspired by or dedicated to Prince. Curator Emma Balazs is studying Prince for her PhD in Interdisciplinary Arts and actually moved to MPLS after his death to fully explore the imprint he left. She hopes to find a permanent space (and eventually more Prince museums around the world) but for now it’s conveniently sandwiched between Chowgirls Catering and Indeed Brewing. Speaking of, Chowgirls will be serving a funky transformation of the TV dinner, and Whirlygig headliners include Pho, The Bad Man, and Black-eyed Snakes. Friday 5-10 PM, Saturday 12-8 PM, Sunday 12-5 PM.

Solar Arts Building, 711 15th Ave NE, MPLS;