Light Grey Art Lab has a massive 100+artist show, Animystics (which explores our “continual reliance on animals for companionship, inspiration, and spiritual guidance”); old radiators from Northrop are being melted down during the UofM’s 45th Annual Iron Pour (you should go, it’s pretty amazing); EDM sensation SEVEN LIONS plays at First Ave.; if you’ve ever wanted to get deeper into the local metal scene, the Impaler, In Defence, The Lurking Corpses, Traffic Death, and Plagued by Insanity show at the Hexagon is a perfect chance; Black Hearts Burlesque celebrates its 3rd Anniversary all weekend at Hell’s Kitchen; and Dame Edna (yes, Michael Walters as Dame Edna) is at the wonderful theater at Camp in St. Paul.


Trust us, you’re going to want to go see Jodi Reeb’s show Surface Alchemy opening at Kolman & Pryor in Northrop King; The Minneapolis Farmer’s Market opens; Take your dog on a beer drinking date on the patio of The Nomad; it’s the 5th Annual Poetry Read, as well as the launch of Poetry City USA, Vol. 4, at the Sateran Auditorium on Riverside; the big deal fashion show Envision Spring 2014 takes the runway at Orchestra Hall.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eric D. Johnson from the SotC team and readership!