After we saw Metalachi play their heavy metal mariachi covers and tell their raunchy Cheech & Chong-style jokes at the Turf Club last year, we told everyone we could find it that was one of the best shows we saw in all of 2016. And we weren’t alone—a few days later we saw the door guy at The Turf wearing a Metalachi t-shirt, no small achievement by a band. We’ve patiently waited for their return, they’re finally returning! And even better, they’re playing with McDonald’s-themed Black Sabbath tribute Mac Sabbath, the Ned Flanders-themed doom band Okilly Dokilly, and our own hometown mess-making combo of Gallagher’s comedy and Metallica’s music, Metallagher. 8 PM. $15 door.Paul Cajun

First Avenue, 701 1st Ave N, MPLS;