Whilst our local beer scene gets most of the attention, this week it’s time for MN’s craft cider makers to shine! The big party for MN Cider Week happens on Saturday at the Craft Cider Festival, but before that a few spots are hosting cider dinners paired, like tonight’s dinner at St. Genevieve with Milk & Honey, Keepsake, No. 12 Cider House, and Wyndfall, and Town Hall‘s gluten free dinner with reps from Milk & Honey Ciders, Seattle Cider Company, and Keepsake Cidery. Best call ahead if you want to go, space is limited on both. 5 PM & 6 PM. —Art Humes

Town Hall Brewery, 1430 Washington Ave S, MPLS; townhallbrewery.com
St. Genevieve, 5003 Bryant Avenue South, MPLS; stgmpls.com